Our own craft beers

Local Wines and Meads

The Duke Brown Ale

  • color: 18.25 SRM
  • alcohol: 6.84% ABV
  • bitterness: 63.8 IBU 

Resembles a Great American Brown Ale style that pairs well with pork -- especially our own famous BBQ pulled pork sandwich! A light hop aroma with hints of dried fruit and hints of malty roasted sweetness. Beautiful mahogany color with a tan head. Flavor boasts a roasty sweetness balanced with a Cascade bitterness. Moderately sweet finish with hints of earthy notes. Creamy, moderately sweet mouth feel.





Outlaw Oatmeal Stout

  • color: 34.0 SRM 
  • alcohol: 5.6% ABV 
  • bitterness: 43.3 IBU 

A well-rounded oatmeal stout that pairs well with a variety of foods, including seafood and shellfish. A nice vanilla aroma with a great roastiness and beautiful hints of chocolate and caramel. An opaque appearance with a dark tan head with stiff head retention. Medium-full body with a beautiful creaminess.

Good, The Bad, and The Hoppy IPA (India Pale Ale)

  • color: 5.86 SRM 
  • alcohol: 6.0% ABV 
  • bitterness: 37.0 IBU 

Resembles a Northwest American IPA with a great hop bitterness and aroma with an earthy woodiness and hints of caramel sweetness. A brilliant gold color with a slight haze, full foam head with good head retention. A moderately strong hop bitterness up front with a caramel sweet finish. Creamy with a medium mouth feel.

Tombstone Cream Ale

  • color: 2.03 SRM 
  • alcohol: 5.03% ABV 
  • bitterness: 14.5 IBU 

You can drink this beer (almost) all day long! With a very light sweetness and fruitiness to its aroma, our Cream Ale has a light straw color, brilliantly clear with a crisp carbonation. It has a light malt flavor with hints of fruitiness and low bitterness with a dry finish. A light mouth feel with a higher carbonation level that dances on your tongue.  

Our Famous Sandwiches

  • Ox Roast Sandwich
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich

Sides & Snacks

  • Cheese Plate
  • Supreme Pulled Pork Nachos 


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Wilhelm Winery
Pink Catawba: This pretty pink wine is the perfect companion for everything from picnic to special occasion.
Wilhelm Red: Semi-sweet, full bodied, wine For any occasion.
Fredonia: Sweet fruity red, bursring with flavor.
Chambourcin: Delightfully well balanced dry wine its soft tannins give it a mouth pleasing fell, lightly oaked.
Deer Creek White: Sweet, big grapey aroma and flavor, native American grape.
Cranberry Splash: Made from 100% cranberry. This wine has a flavorful tart, sweet test that will have you this really wine? The answer to that question is YES my friends, it sure is! And it is delicious!
Riesling: Soft fruity flavor, semi dry finish, crisp mouth feel.
Vidal: Semi-dry crisp flavor, excellent dinner wine with poultry and seafood.

Conneaut Cellars Winery

Hazel Park Red: A sweet, light red, creamy tasting Concord wine with lots of grape aroma.
Colonel Crawford: A semi-dry DeChaunac wine with a mellow berry aroma.
Pinot Noir: A dry, red wine that is light in body, color and tannin.
Riesling: A semi-dry wine with aromas of apples, peaches and orange peels.
Princess Snowater: A semi-sweet Catawba wine with nice fruit aroma and finish.
Wolf Island: A medium Cayuga wine, neither dry or sweet with a well balanced flavor.
Huidekoper: A sweet, very fruity Niagara wine with the aroma and taste of fresh grapes.
Pino Grigio: A bright crisp, dry, white wine with citrus& honeydew melon aromas.
Pymatuning Rose: A Semi-sweet Rose wine (Pink Catawba).

King View Mead


Meadgria: Sweet Honey and Fruit Wine.(8.5% ALC/VOL).

Troken: Dry Mead.(11.5% ALC/VOL).

Apple Cider