​*We fry our foods with peanut oil*

Wings :  Dozen $15.95tx          1/2 Dozen  $7.95tx

  Flavors - Hot, Mild, Dry or Wet Cajun, Dry or Wet Ranch, 

​House Sauce, Garlic Parmesan , or Smoked with House Sauce

Any menu item with a star is only offered on Friday's when we get the smokers out.*


Other Eats: 

  • Pulled Pork Nachos            $7.95tx
  • ​Bowl of Soup                 $4.00tx
  • Fries                        $2.00tx
  • Cheese/Chili Fries             $2.50tx
  • Personal homemade pizza      $5.50tx 
    • comes w/ 1 topping
    • Additional toppings $1.00tx     
  • Taco Salad                   $8.95tx
  • Chili Burrito                  $8.95tx
  • Char Salad                   $9.95tx
  • ​Ross-kabob                    $13.95tx​

(Racks of Ribs and Whole Chickens are also available-call for pricing. 724-588-4201)

Kitchen closes at 8pm every evening.

​​​​Sandwiches & More:

  • Cowboy Burger(chili/extra cheese, bacon, and onion)   $11.95tx
  • Cheeseburger                   $8.45tx
  • Ox Roast                       $8.95tx
  • ​Pulled Pork                     $7.95tx
  • Brisket   When Available        $8.95tx
  • Fish (deep fried cod)            $ 7.95tx
  • Hot dog                        $2.00tx

                                           ​w/ chili/ cheese  $2.50tx


(Comes with a choice of 2 sides, Italian bread, and a homemade dessert.)

  • ​Baby Back Ribs                  $16.95tx*
  • 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken              $14.95tx*
  • Ox Roast Sandwich                 $14.95tx
  • Brisket                           $16.95tx
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich               $13.95tx
  • Hamburger                        $13.95tx
  • ​Cheeseburger                      $14.45tx
  • fish                               $13.95tx





Side Salad, cottage cheese, fries, loaded fries, baked potato, cowboy potato (smothered in bacon, chili, cheese, and onion), slaw, daily veggie, Jalapeno poppers and weekly special sides to boot!

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