Prophets HAZY IPA

  • less than 0.5% alcohol
  • ​A bright IPA with the tanginess of the hops ending with a smooth finish



Bravus Oatmeal Dark

  • Less than .5% alcohol
  • A stout with hints of Molasses, Coffee, and chocolate, with a smooth easy finish.
  • $2.70tx per 12oz can OR $15.00tx per 6 pack


Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Sunkist, Mug Root beer, Sprite, diet Sprite, Coke, diet Coke, and Sugar free Coke.

Bottles of water $1​.25

Cabernet Sauvignon

New School Sour

  • less than 0.5% alcohol
  • ​Perfect blend of strawberry and blueberry with just the right amount of sweetness to even out the mouth feel

Slushies 16oz  $2.50tax

              8oz   $5.00tax

Labatt Blue

  • less than 0.5% alcohol
  • ​Pale ale we all know and love.
  • $2.15tx per 12oz bottle OR $12.90tx per 6 pack

Mocha Nitro Stout

  • ​less than 0.5% alcohol
  • A dark velvety smooth stout with notes of mocha and freshly ground coffee
  • ​$3.00tx per 12oz can or $18.00tx per 6 pack

Sunshine State (tropical) IPA

  • less than 0.5% alcohol
  • Won the silver medal for best craft beer in 2023. Bursts with Mango and peach flavor with a backdrop of hops.

Weihenstephaner Malt

  • less than 0.5% alcohol
  • A golden malt that's fresh, tangy, with hints of clove and honey, perfect for lighter dishes or sorbets.
  • $3.20 per 12oz bottle OR $19.20 per 6 pack

Bravus Coconut Porter

  • Less than 0.5% alcohol
  • A light porter with a smooth combination of coconut and chocolate for a delicious flavor
  • $2.70tx per 12oz can OR $15.00tx for a 6 pack

Arsenal Cider 

  • 0.0% Alcohol
  • Delightfully petillant and sweet with a smooth finish
  • $3.50tx 16oz Can OR $21.00tx per 6 pack


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